Our new prayer bookmark

Screen Shot 2016-09-16 at 4.04.09 PM.png

This is my first shot at designing a prayer card for our ministry. We decided to go with a bookmark instead of the traditional prayer card. The bookmark will be useful to any avid reader. They are thick and durable so you could use them for underlining things in your Bible.  A Pastor could use it to hold his place in a book he frequently uses for sermon preparation. Hopefully when you see it you will say a short prayer for us as we endeavor to build this new ministry.

Prayer guide:

  • Opportunities to encourage local churches, their pastors and the pastor’s family
  • Wisdom as we move ahead and build this ministry
  • The production of new videos and CD’s
  • Connection with folks who could help us build this ministry
  • Growth in grace and the knowledge of the truth
  • Our musical abilities to improve
  • God’s blessing as we write songs
  • Power for me and boldness to preach the truth of God’s word
  • Souls for our labor
  • The fullness of the Spirit
  • Our motives to stay true and Christ-like
  • The protection of our marriage
  • God to be honored and glorified
  • Continued separation from apostasy and worldliness



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