Chick Tracts For Satan’s Sanctuary


We met with a few guys to pass out tracts last Saturday. Kevin Jamiel sent me a flyer advertising a Satanic group that would be passing out candy to kids in a park in Byesville, OH. The group is called Sanctuary of Satan. It was founded by Craig Fedarko in Cambridge, OH earlier in 2016.  We witnessed to all who attended and passed out Chick tracts. Most were receptive but a few were more than a little annoyed by our presence. They claim to be Atheists and they confirmed to me that they do not really believe in a personal devil(I spoke with the founder myself). We listened to their complaints against Christianity. We told them that God commands “all men everywhere to repent” and to believe the gospel.  There were 20-25 of them and 10 of us.  Jesus is LORD of all. They are precious souls for whom Jesus died.



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